The Select Few, Inc.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a movement of conscious consumers that intentionally purchase from Black-owned business with the goal of creating jobs, reducing crime and stabilizing neighborhoods while building wealth in the African American community.

Our Research

To accurately determine the impact of the individual consumer by creating a program where the Black Dollar passes from business to schools and then back to the community.

Our Goals

  • To educate the community about various topics ranging from Historical to Financial. Videos and workshops will be formed, feedback and suggestions will be accepted to better serve each individual. So that the community as a whole will make better decisions which increases the rate of progression.
  • To inform the community that we have succeeded within this environment but that success was because of our collective support of each other.
  • To re-create Black Wall Street, so that as a community we will be able to use our purchasing power to support organizations that support us. In addition, that income will also be used to fund the development of businesses & schools.